Buy DEIM 3D Virtual Reality Headset Universal Virtual Reality 3D Video Game Glasses Suitable for 4.7 to 6 Inch Smartphones with Gamepad Controller 3D Video Game Playback Creating “IMAX Experience and Augmented Reality in High Definition Inspiration from Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift – White


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DEIM Virtual Reality Headset will allow you to watch your movies in 3D, play games and immerse yourself into the world of virtual reality. All you need to do is download virtual reality games directly onto your smartphone from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and you may be glad to learn that there are hundreds of VR games available for free to download. You would be able to visit YouTube and download or stream 3D movies on to your smartphone, just type “3D movies side by side” in the search field. With the combination of 3D and the other features it comes with you will no doubt get immersed for long periods in the world of 3D gaming or watching movies. The multifunctional gamepad can be paired to your smartphone through Bluetooth and it turns into a full functional controller ready add to your immersive experience at the click of the button. On (Android phones only) it can be used as a cursor to navigate through the functions on your smartphone. Flick the switch at the controller to “Key” and it turns into a selfie clicker! This design has open sections on both sides which provides access to your phone ports to plug in your headphones and they allow cool airflow into the headset for ventilation. DEIM VR fits 4.7 inch to 6 inch smartphones and compatible with most recent smartphones. In the Box Virtual Reality Headset Cleaning Cloth Instruction Manual Gamepad

  • IMAX Feeling: With specially designed lens the images are enlarged to reproduce IMAX experience
  • Head Strap: Adjustable head strap makes it easier for the user to find the best fit when using the headset
  • Automatic Adjustment: Enjoy the special optics designed to adjust pupil distance and focal length making the user watch the 3D effect in clear vision
  • Augmented Reality: Enhances the screen size without degradation and makes the screen brighter
  • Fits most 4.7 to 6 Inch Smartphones, head strap and the design of the casing makes the headset easy to be use with most smart phones on the market.