Buy Laserbeak®VR BOX VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses for 3.5 – 6.0 Inch Smart Phone and Bluetooth Wireless Controller(white)


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VR-BOX Visual Reality VR Glasses + Bluetooth Video Music Remote Controller
Product Detail:
01. It goes for 90% of the smartphones in the market.All brands, like iphone samsung,LG, HTC,etc and dimension under 163mm*83mm(L*W).
02. It will bring you into a simulating screen as wide as 2-3 meters width and you will enjoy your cinema experience.
03. Material: high quality ABS +PC
04. Dimensions: 170*120*105mm
05. Weight: 330g
06. Field of view/FOV: Level
07. Visual angle: 100%
08. Image definition: 99%
09. Screen size: 1050 inch
10. Lens: high definition aspheric surface (zero hurt to the eye)
11. Lens size: 42mm
12. Color shading: 0%
Have 1 * VR BOX
Have 1 * Bluetooth game controller
Have 1 * The instructions

Wireless Remote Controller for Andriod system,,Apple iOS System,IOS support for all Apple iOS.

  • 3D glasses is made of environment-friendly ABS and resin,fully closed design.
  • FOR support 3D side by side video.
  • Adjustable distance between cell phone and lens,suitable for different people,adjustable to every user.
  • IOS phone+Android,the system doesn’t need to be tethered to any exterior hardware,as all processors to drive the 3D experience are already built-in in most phones, which means you have absolute freedom of movement and are not restricted to any cables. It lets you wander around experiencing virtual reality in all its beautiful 3D glory so now you can enjoy private 3D movies with an Android or IOS phone.
  • For 4.7-6.1 inches cell phones– no more robust moive,marvelous 3D experience. With 3D glass, you can enjoy the same 3D experience at home with your beloved phone.