Buy Riem 3 Plus VR Headset, 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Box for 4.7- 6.0 Inch iPhone/Samsung, with Adjustable Lens and Strap


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Exclusived private 3D cinema, immersive and dynamic 3D gaming experience, you will feel its unique design and production of fine while you took it from the moment you get it ,comfortable, adaptable.

These parameters you want to know:
Package size:198*174*108mm
VR lights:290g
Lens: aspherical optical resin special lenses
Cushioning material: high-quality leather-covered cushion cotton
Clarity/visibility/color error:99%/100%/0%
the devices can support:4.7-6.0 all size devices

These interesting functions:
Immersive VR gaming system: enter this VR system, you will be surrounded by them, you can use your head to explore, targeting and interaction, which is a new way to play, the most realistic game scene angle into the experience of the game shock
Exclusive private cinema with giant screen: it is simple, pick up your cell phone into the VR, find videos about split-screen format, you can enjoy your own 3D world.
360 ¡ã panoramic scene: This VR can make your phone take you to another wonderful world, to experience a concert, a movie, or a virtual adventure…
You can use it anywhere:travel,free time with family ,business free time .

  • RIEM 3 PLUS fits for iPhone, Android phones and Windows phones with screen size within 4.7-6.0 inch, with its whole maximun length and width as 157mm and 84mm
  • Perfect for myopic people,don’t need to adjust the focus, you can directly to put on watch, of course, you can also wear glasses to see.
  • Made by high quality ABS materials, product clear surface gloss, high material stability, strong anti-aging, and then after the production of surface treatment of science, not only have a better 3D images, and better protect the eyes of consumers, it lighted to 290g, make your face press,make your wear pressure reduced to the lowest.
  • Transparent” AR”,window,transparent window cover on the right side of this VR,without dismantling the front cover, open the AR function directly, you can enjoy the game brings immersive AR,Original capacitive touch switch, in order to make the game more fluid, more compatibility,use of the capacitive touch switch simulation finger touch operation.
  • We independently developed the square aspheric optical lens, its unique optical system design, make the image clearer, no vertigo,showing minimum distortion and the clearest video,Immersive VR gaming system,360 degree viewing provide the real 3D effect for you