Buy VIGCIA 3D Virtual Reality Glasses VR Case Cell Phone Case for iPhone 6/6s Apple iPhone 5.5 inch Hybrid ABS+PC Phone Stand Sliver


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3D VR Glass Virtual reality device to bring us the most immersive experience, However they are slightly bulky, It cannot carry everywhere, do you really want to take a big helmet, paper box running around?

The Year Of heavy VR have Been Stopped, VR CASE specifically for mobile phones to create VR mobile phone shell, allowing you to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

And The Herefind 3D VR Case can also act as a stand that is not like traditional experience VR.

The main advantages of VR CASE:

1: Original scratch resistant lens cover design by a professional VR CASE team, when not in use VR CASE can be hidden very good slide lens cover to protect the lens from scratches in your pocket. 2: Support for all current mainstream models iphone6 / 6S and do use the mobile phone protective shell, but also can use immersive VR glasses, can be done using the phone older. 3: Lightweight and easy to carry, can pocket any time, relative to other wearing bulky but do not see any external VR equipment, we can enjoy the VR experience but also to see the outside world, it is not likely to experience the outside world, resulting in all kinds of problems.

  • Hybrid ABS and PC Virtual Reality Lens Cover Figment Aspheric optics
  • Diameter 33.5mm aspheric optics resin glasse
  • 1.5 to 2 times magnifing
  • Compatibility iPhone 6/6s
  • Virtual reality in your pocket!!!