Buy Bestwinner A2 Glasses Virtual Reality Headset for 3.5 to 5.6 inch Smartphone and Mouse Gamepad 2 in 1 Kit


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Enjoy mobile video anywhere
Have you ever thought to own one mobile large screen TV around to enjoy timely video? Yes, it’s not a joke! Our universal virtual reality 3D and video glasses has change the delusion to be true. You can put your smartphone on the product and then you can watch the video just like watching TV. Adjustable distance between cell phone and lens, suitable for different people. You can use it without myopia eyeglasses. Enjoy your relaxation time.
Material Details:
Body ABS 149.9*74.3*7.7mm (L*W*H)
Lens PMMA Ascetical Lens
Focal Distance 10mm
AR Function Support
Compatible Models 3.5″ ~ 6.0″
Support Android & iOS Smartphone
Perfect compatible glasses without increasing the size myopia users could using the product with myopia glasses
Package Include: 1 x 3D VR Glasses 1*Manual

  • The Smartphone 3D Glasses is used to watch 3D movie, 2D movie big screen effects and play 3D game by put the Smartphone in the 3D glasses. Secret images, other people can not see anything except to the wearer himself
  • For phone Iphone Android Samsung and all 3.5-5.6 inch Samrtphones, Android recommended. The Smartphone’s max size screen can be 5.6 inches. Depending on the Lens physical principles, it only supports L/R format 3D/2D sources
  • The lenses is focus on the screen clearly, but only clear for shortsighted: 0 degree to 300 degrees, not clear for longsighted. The Radiation protection design by Nano-coating to protect your eyes. The belt is adjustable; the focal distance can be adjusted freely
  • Our virtual reality glasses is made of recyclable environmental materials. Designed with adjustable strap, you can adjust it to the most comfortable size
  • The box in seamless design to keep a great watching environment. 2 biconvex lenses with 62 mm focal length for the most cinematic experience. Better to not more than 2 hours each time.