Buy comstore 2016 New Version VR virtual reality 3D Glasses Headphones Headband Head Mounted and NFC Tag for 3,5-6,0 inches for 3D Movies and Games, Google Smartphones, iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Storm3 VR+Gamespad


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- You just need to download “VR” apps or videos ‘screen split 3D games in your smartphone - then, for the head, 3D VR Headset capable of automatically adjusting the - Incredible video movie game experience, turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer. You can discover the immersive, fun, and fascinating world of VR. Fly through the Grand Canyon, playing 3D games, navigate the streets of Paris city or become a lively character in an exciting/Fun/film. eye-friendly & humanisé design.

  • Focal distance a real pleasure of virtual reality cost-effective easy way.
  • Built-in magnetic closure to keep the lid closed, which is convenient to open and close and is secure.
  • humanisé designed with the adjustable shoulder strap, special hose and crowd applicable models.
  • Work with Samsung Phone, Xiaomi, OPPO, HTC, Huawei, Motorola and other smartphones. Support Android and iOS systems iPhone etc.
  • Compatible for myopia glasses. Ideal for home cinema and video games. Take a 3D experience at home.