Buy DURAGADGET Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset – Compatible with the TIMMY M12 & M13 Pro


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Introducing the DURAGADGET Google Cardboard VR Headset – compatible with most Android and Apple Smartphones.

If you want a more affordable way to enjoy a fully immersive, 3D experience in Virtual Reality, try this DURAGADGET VR Headset. Watch 3D Movies and Videos, play games with a greater level of immersion than ever before! Transform your smartphone into a Big Screen Cinema, or enjoy sporting events as though you were really there!

Put together easily in minutes, the DURAGADGET VR Headset comes with everything you need to be set up and exploring your new 3D World in no time at all! High quality and amazing technology, this headset comes with an extremely comfortable elastic headband to ensure you can wear this in the Virtual World for as long as you like.

  • Transform your Smartphone into a fully immersive 3D Experience
  • Easily put together, constructed from opening to fully put together in minutes!
  • Comes with a comfortable elastic head strap, meaning you can enjoy the 3D World for as long as you want without being uncomfortable
  • The perfect budget solution to enjoy VR!
  • Compatible with a wide variety of major smartphones