Buy Ilinkbrand Google Cardboard V2.0 3d Glasses Vr Virtual Reality Cardboard Kit 2015 for 3–6inch Screen


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V2.0 cardboard VR kit, and the perfect introduction to the world of Google Cardboard!

This headset comes in a protective cardboard sleeve, just slide the cardboard kit out to enjoy and slide it back in when not in use.

The Conductive foam button give you complete control of your experience, works on both iOS and Android devices.

The kit also includes Velcro strips to secure both the top and side panels of the VR Kit and a rubber band.

Simply slip your Google Cardboard-enabled phone into the assembled kit to start experiencing breathtaking VR!

  • Works with most iPhones and Android devices.
  • Assembled in less than 10 seconds. Just slide, flip, secure and enjoy.
  • Securely packed in a protective sleeve. Easily fold to original state and slide in the protective sleeve when not in use.
  • Works on both iOS and Android devices. Compatibility mainly depends if the VR apps is created using Google Cardboard SDK.
  • Inspired by Google Cardboard V2.