Buy Incredisonic VUE Series VR Glasses, Virtual Reality Headset, & Bluetooth Remote Gaming Control Combo, ~ Includes Comfortable Nose-Pads & NFC ~ 5 Year Warantee ~


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IncrediSonic Vue Series 3D Virtual Reality Combo Set

Everyday more and more Virtual Reality apps are being added to the Google Play store and Apple App store; and your first experience will explain why. For years and years we have been wanted a virtual experience, whether it’s riding on a roller coaster and being able to view around you to walking around inside a haunted house.

Fully Compatible with iOS and Android

Compatible with both Android and Apple phones from screen sizes 4.7″ to 6″, also included is an insert holder for iPhone 5/5s 4″ screen. Also included is an NFC Smart Tag for Android phones.

Multi Functional Bluetooth Remote Controller

Essential for a full blown experience; some apps require input to navigate, easily pair this remote using Bluetooth to your phone and you have a mini controller with all the buttons needed. Another great feature is using the remote to navigate around your phone with a cursor (Android only). Also, when switched from GAME to KEY, you can take great selfie’s from further than ever before, get true group shots.

Comfortable and Accessible

We know that if it’s not comfortable, it’s not fun. We use only high quality foam materials for the seal and nose piece. The open ports on both sides allow for cool air ventilation and the ability to plug in earphones to truly submerse yourself in virtual reality. Foam is lined inside the phone compartment and an extra tight magnetic seal is applied to secure your phone.

What’s Included

Virtual Reality glasses, multi functional Bluetooth remote controller, batteries, 2 nose pads, NFC Tag sticker, lens microfiber cloth, instruction manual, retail box

  • VIRTUAL REALITY IN SECONDS – Turn your smart phone into the ultimate 3D machine for 3D games and split screen movies; works with over 300+ iOS/Android virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A truly fun and immersive experience for any age.
  • MULTI-USE BLUETOOTH VR REMOTE CONTROLLER – The compact light weight Bluetooth remote controller has many applications: control virtual reality video games, use as a selfie shutter controller, compatible with Windows and Macs with Bluetooth, remote control for cell phone, fast forward, rewind, pause and play movies.
  • TRUE 3D COMFORTABILITY/ACCESSIBLITY -3 adjustable straps for ideal weight distribution, the foam seal is extra soft and thick, and foam nose pads are INCLUDED. Open ports on both sides for headphones to enhance the experience; step into another world with in your face video and sound; and great for ventilation for long use. Cell phone holder surrounded with soft foam with a high magnetic closure.
  • NO OPTICAL LENS ADJUSTMENT NEEDED – The specially designed lenses require no adjustment what so ever, compartment also big enough for most prescription glasses if needed. Simply place phone in the holding slot, align, and that’s it. NFC sticker included for Android phones.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – All materials used are made from high quality plastic and foam, backed with lifetime USA customer support and a one year warranty; you can rest assured you are completely covered with an American soil company.