Buy Lubar 3D VR Glasses, 3D Virtual Reality Headset,VR Park Suitable for 4.0 – 6.0 inches Android IOS Smartphones iPhone 6s 6 Plus Samsung Galaxy series for 3D Movies/Games(White)


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Welcome to the fantastic world of Virtual Reality !

Adjustable Focal/Pupil Distance, makes it suitable for most people with different pupil/focal distances like near-sighted <400¡ã.
Everyone could enjoy immersive world of VR.
Removable Front Cover is better for heat dissipation, and it also leaves two windows for AR or Camera shooting purpose (taking photos via BT controller, etc.)
Flexible Frame of Lenses makes the cleaning easier.

Lubar Park VR Glasses
Mobile Virtual Reality is right here in Lubar VR! You wanna experience IMAX movies any time and anywhere
You wanna a real racing, marching in gunfire or shooing bullets in battlefield in 3D games
Just put on this Lubar Park VR glasses, it immediately drop you into the action !

FD & OD Adjustment
The Focal Distance Adjustment and Object Distance Adjustment make Lubar Park a universal glasses for its users.
Adjust your suitable focal distance by rolling the gear at a range of 55mm – 75mm, and adjust the object distance by pushing the button so as to get a stretch lenses ( perfect for users with myopia problems.)

Wide Compatibility
Comfortably fits iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones with a screen size between 4.0 – 6.0 inches ( remove the EVA mat if the phone’s size is larger than 5.0 inch)

Premium Leather Face
Compared to other VR glasses with sponge foam faces, Lubar Park VR with leather face is more elastic, non-sweat-absorbent, comfortable and sanitary.

Ergonomic Head belt Design
Ergonomic design ensures a balanced stress condition in three points on the head (concentrated on the forehead), reducing 30% pressure to the eyes, as a result, providing a lasting wearing comfort for its users.

Package Include
1* Lubar VR Park 3D Glasses
1* User Manual

  • Comfortable Design: Soft Leather Edges around Face Mask & Adjustable Strips Soft leather edges around the face mask which goes against your face. Adjust the straps correctly before use, your head and neck will not feel sore from having that weight
  • Fits for smartphone with screen size within 6 inch, the max size of phone is 160x90x12mm. Compatible with iPhone 6 plus Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and other 4″~6″ smartphones.
  • For iPhone / Samsung / HTC / Asus / Huawei / Lenovo / Xiaomi / Oneplus / Elephone / Doogee / THL / Zopo
  • Protect your eyes & Radiation Protection: no side effects for your eyesight; Without Visual Fatigue and Dizzy even you use long time with the resin lens
  • Turn your smart phone into the ultimate 3D machine for 3D games and split screen movies; works with over 300+ iOS/Android virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Search VR on Google Play or APP store. A truly fun and immersive experience for any age