Buy Morjava®Mocute 051 Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Controller Joystick Remote Gamepad Music Player Camera Shutter Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset 3d Glasses – White


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Produt Specifications

Item Specifications
Size 116mm*45mm*13.5mm
Wireless Protocol Blutooth 3.0 conpliant
Wireless Distance 2-10 Meters
OS Android/ios/PC
CPU ARM968E-S Core
Battery Type size alkaline AAA 1.5V*2
Working time (Continouus game) About 40 hours
Work current 0.5-8mA
Standby current 0.5-1mA
Shutdown current <20uA
OPERATION (Details see manual)
Bluetooth 3.0 HID, Class II profile. Works with: iPhone, iPad and other OS compatible devices,
and also Android phones and tablets that support Bluetooth HID.
Power ON: Press START button until LED is on(about 2 seconds)

Power OFF: Press START button until LED is off(about 5 seconds).

Pair and connect: after power on , LED indicator will flash, the device will enter
into the Bluetooth pair mode
automatically to find the address and name of this device(MOCUTE-051-xxxx),
click then can connect. Pair and connect successfully, LED indicator will turn off.

Game function: Turn side switch to Game side(there is “GAME” on back),
now device is operated by -hands horizontal.

VR 3D gamepad and remote Game controller
Game Control: Android games, iOS games, iOS NEWGAME Mode

Selfie Operation: For iOS mobile, X key to shutter. For android Samsung, B to shutter. Volume key to adjust focus.

E-book Flip : for iReader, use Volume +/- to turn pages, in Kindle or PPT for iOS use joystick in Game mode to turn page.

Music Control& TV Box & Mouse & PPT Presentation

-Please read the USER Manual carefully before use. For Game function,
you have to spend some time configuring.
– Pls feel free to contact us if our product with any quality problem,
because we are also manufacturer and consumer wanting better products.Thanks . Note:AAA battery not included due to shipping policy!

  • VR 3D virtual reality game or video operation: Scan QR code to download VR application,then you can operate the game or video.
  • Selfile operation: For iOS mobile, press ^ key to shutter; for Android Samsung mobile, then press ^ key to shutter, Volume key to adjust focus; for other Android mobile, please enter camera setup first, then set volume key to shutter or scan QR code to download camera software.
  • E-Book flip function: In iReader: use Volume+/- to turn page up down; In Kindle or PPT for iOS, use joystic in Game mode to turn page.
  • GAME function: Turn side switch to Game side(there is “GAME” on side), now device is operated by two-hands horizontal.
  • Android MTK mobile operation: Like Redmi 3G version, Huawei Honor3X, CoolPAD, Zhongxing, these old style mobiles use MTK CPU, due to MTK bad compatibility, they can’t support international standard gamepad agreement. So if by standard Android connection method, unusual problems will happen. We preset MTK mode to support MIGAMEPAD games.