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This Virtual Reality box will bring you a great new experience when watching movies and playing video games giving a 3D picture effect through the goggles. The VR box is the future of movie going and gaming and will give you a unique experience when at home or on the go This is the newest model available and comes complete with a fitted leather strap which fits nicely on heads of all shapes and sizes. The goggles come with the option of adjustable pupil and sight differential giving you the ability to alter them to suit whoever is using them. This ensures the optimum viewing experience. The headset is made of high quality material and is very durable, potentially giving you years of use. Just place your smart phone into the 3D glasses and it will be locked into place when you put the goggles on and enjoy your chosen media. The virtual reality box has been carefully designed so those of us who wear glassed will not have to remove them when putting the goggles on. They also come will a very flexible and adjustable headband making them suitable and extremely comfortable for lots of different sizes. The box has been carefully designed so that your headphones and charger can be plugged into your smartphone while you are watching. There is no need to download any special software you just need to press play and put the headset on. The headset is compatible with a large range of smart phones (IPhone, Android etc) as it is adjustable and will fit screen sizes from 3.5-6.0 inches.

  • Adjustable lenses for optimum focus
  • Adjustable headstraps to fit all head sizes
  • Adjustable phone holder to fit different smartphone
  • Comfortable leather head-strap